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Play Cubes

Play Cube 1200mm (1200x1200x1150h)
Blue$885.00 +gst$1,017.75
Green$885.00 +gst$1,017.75
Natural$885.00 +gst$1,017.75
Brown$885.00 +gst$1,017.75
Play Cube - 900mm (960x960x920h)
Blue$765.00 +gst$879.75
Green$765.00 +gst$879.75
Red$765.00 +gst$879.75
Natural$765.00 +gst$879.75
Brown$765.00 +gst$879.75
Play Cube - 500mm (600x600x500h)
Green$355.00 +gst$408.25
Red$355.00 +gst$408.25
Yellow$355.00 +gst$408.25
Natural$355.00 +gst$408.25
Blue$355.00 +gst$408.25
Brown$355.00 +gst$408.25
$355.00 +gst$408.25
Play Cube Funky Colours - 500mm (600x600x500h)
Lime$355.00 +gst$408.25
Orange$355.00 +gst$408.25
Purple$355.00 +gst$408.25
$355.00 +gst$408.25
Play Cube - 250mm (600x600x250h)
Green$255.00 +gst$293.25
Red$255.00 +gst$293.25
Yellow$255.00 +gst$293.25
Natural$255.00 +gst$293.25
Blue$255.00 +gst$293.25
Brown$255.00 +gst$293.25
Play Cube Funky Colours - 250mm (600x600x250h)
Purple$255.00 +gst$293.25
Lime$255.00 +gst$293.25
Orange$255.00 +gst$293.25
Stage Box (1200x1200x500h)
Green$585.00 +gst$672.75
Natural$585.00 +gst$672.75
Blue$585.00 +gst$672.75
Brown$585.00 +gst$672.75
Hexagonal Cube (1200x1040x500h)
Blue$725.00 +gst$833.75
Red$725.00 +gst$833.75
Natural$725.00 +gst$833.75
Green$725.00 +gst$833.75
Brown$725.00 +gst$833.75

Bridges & Transition

Clatter Bridge
Blue Frame$1,015.00 +gst$1,167.25
Dark Green Frame$1,015.00 +gst$1,167.25
Double Trapeze Bars
$315.00 +gst$362.25
Ladder Bridge
Burgundy$815.00 +gst$937.25
Blue$815.00 +gst$937.25
Ladder Walk
Blue Frame/Yellow Rope$1,225.00 +gst$1,408.75
Dark Green Frame/Natural Rope$1,225.00 +gst$1,408.75
Ladder Walk Plank$185.00 +gst$212.75
Blue Frame/Blue Rope$1,225.00 +gst$1,408.75
Net Bridge
Blue Frame/Blue Rope$945.00 +gst$1,086.75
Dark Green Frame/Natural Rope$945.00 +gst$1,086.75
Net Bridge Plank$125.00 +gst$143.75
Blue Frame/Yellow Rope$945.00 +gst$1,086.75
Overhead Ladder
Yellow$1,135.00 +gst$1,305.25
Burgundy$1,135.00 +gst$1,305.25
Parallel Bars
Burgundy$475.00 +gst$546.25
Emerald Green$475.00 +gst$546.25
Spin Bar
BurgundyWas: $385.00 Now: $275.00 +gst$316.25
RedWas: $385.00 Now: $275.00 +gst$316.25
Toddler Arch Bridge
Yellow$875.00 +gst$1,006.25
Brown$875.00 +gst$1,006.25
Blue Frame/Green Tunnel$1,190.00 +gst$1,368.50
Blue Frame/Yellow Tunnel $1,190.00 +gst$1,368.50
Blue Frame/Red Tunnel$1,190.00 +gst$1,368.50
Dark Green Frame/Merino Tunnel$1,190.00 +gst$1,368.50

Ladders & Climbers

Cargo Net - Fits 900 & 1200mm Cubes
Dark Green Frame/Natural Rope$795.00 +gst$914.25
Emerald Green Frame/Yellow Rope$795.00 +gst$914.25
Blue Frame/Yellow Rope$795.00 +gst$914.25
Ladder - 1200mm
Emerald Green$490.00 +gst$563.50
Burgundy$490.00 +gst$563.50
Blue$490.00 +gst$563.50
Ladder - 900mm
Emerald Green$435.00 +gst$500.25
Burgundy$435.00 +gst$500.25
Blue$435.00 +gst$500.25
Peg Climb - Fits 900 &1200mm Cubes
RedWas: $470.00 Now: $375.00 +gst$431.25
BurgundyWas: $470.00 Now: $375.00 +gst$431.25
Rope Wave Climb - Fits 900 & 1200mm Cubes
Blue Frame/Yellow Rope$625.00 +gst$718.75
Dark Green Frame/Natural Rope$625.00 +gst$718.75
Wave Climb -Fits 900 & 1200mm Cubes
Blue$565.00 +gst$649.75
Emerald Green$565.00 +gst$649.75
Burgundy$565.00 +gst$649.75


Steps 900mm
Yellow$575.00 +gst$661.25
Brown$575.00 +gst$661.25
Toddler Ramp
Brown$445.00 +gst$511.75
Yellow$445.00 +gst$511.75
Toddler Steps
Natural$325.00 +gst$373.75
Blue$325.00 +gst$373.75
Red$325.00 +gst$373.75
Green$325.00 +gst$373.75
Dark Green$325.00 +gst$373.75


Abseil Wall 900mm & 1200mm
1200mm Yellow$355.00 +gst$408.25
900mm Yellow$335.00 +gst$385.25
900mm Brown$335.00 +gst$385.25
1200mm Brown$355.00 +gst$408.25
Rock Wall - 1200mm
Yellow Wall/Coloured Rocks$395.00 +gst$454.25
Brown Wall/Natural Rocks$395.00 +gst$454.25
Rock Wall - 900mm
Yellow Wall/Coloured Rocks$370.00 +gst$425.50
Brown Wall/Natural Rocks$370.00 +gst$425.50


Curved Slide & Support Leg 900/1200
Yellow$1,085.00 +gst$1,247.75
Merino$1,085.00 +gst$1,247.75
Pale Green$1,085.00 +gst$1,247.75
Green$1,085.00 +gst$1,247.75
Straight Slide 900/1200
Yellow$865.00 +gst$994.75
Merino$865.00 +gst$994.75
Green$865.00 +gst$994.75
Pale Green$865.00 +gst$994.75
Toddler Slide
Yellow$385.00 +gst$442.75
Red$385.00 +gst$442.75
Pale Green$385.00 +gst$442.75
Green$385.00 +gst$442.75
Merino$385.00 +gst$442.75


1.5m Wide Plank - 1.5m x 300mm x 32mm$225.00 +gst$258.75
2.0m Cleated Plank - 2m x 235mm x 32mm$220.00 +gst$253.00
2.0m Wide Plank - 2m x 300mm x 32mm$255.00 +gst$293.25
2.0m Plain Plank - 2m x 235mm x 32mm$190.00 +gst$218.50
Balance Beam Plank - 2m x 115mm x 65mm$230.00 +gst$264.50
Wiggly Plank - 2m x 140mm x 65mm$255.00 +gst$293.25
1.5m Cleated Plank - 1.5m x 235mm x 32mm$185.00 +gst$212.75
1.5m Plain Plank - 1.5m x 235mm x32mm$160.00 +gst$184.00
Zig Zag Block
Natural$45.00 +gst$51.75
Zig Zag Rail
Natural - 1.2m x 90mm x32mm$40.00 +gst$46.00
Zig Zig Riser
Natural$50.00 +gst$57.50

Playgrounds Under 2's

Under 2 Playground - Setup 1$1,065.00 +gst$1,224.75
Under 2 Playground - Setup 2$1,510.00 +gst$1,736.50
Under 2 Playground - Setup 3$2,740.00 +gst$3,151.00
Under 2 Playground - Setup 4$3,030.00 +gst$3,484.50
Under 2 Playground - Setup 5$4,680.00 +gst$5,382.00
Under 2 Playground - Setup 6$6,310.00 +gst$7,256.50

Playground Over 2's

Over 2 Playground - Setup 1$2,240.00 +gst$2,576.00
Over 2 Playground - Setup 2$3,895.00 +gst$4,479.25
Over 2 Playground - Setup 3$6,745.00 +gst$7,756.75
Over 2 Playground - Setup 4$7,875.00 +gst$9,056.25
Over 2 Playground - Setup 5$8,820.00 +gst$10,143.00
Over 2 Playground - Setup 6$3,760.00 +gst$4,324.00


Cut out Kids
Girl$8.00 +gst$9.20
Boy$8.00 +gst$9.20
Handgrips/Top Rails/Clip on Bars
Clip on Bar - Face Mounted$125.00 +gst$143.75
Handgrips Dark Green (Pair)$110.00 +gst$126.50
Adjustable Top Rail Dark Green$145.00 +gst$166.75
Padlock - Long$17.00 +gst$19.55
Padlock - Short$15.00 +gst$17.25
Security Wire
1m$11.00 +gst$12.65
10m$30.00 +gst$34.50
15m$40.00 +gst$46.00
500mm$7.00 +gst$8.05
Swing Hanger
Ball Bearing Swing Hanger$135.00 +gst$155.25

Swing Attachments

Belt Seat
$135.00 +gst$155.25
Infant Seat
$165.00 +gst$189.75
Pommel Seat
$155.00 +gst$178.25
Roman Rings
$105.00 +gst$120.75
Rope Rung Ladder
$210.00 +gst$241.50
Swing Spinner
$180.00 +gst$207.00
Trapeze Bar
$75.00 +gst$86.25