A very challenging piece of play equipment. Includes rope to enable attachment to the Play Cube handholds. Excellent for upper body development.

Abseil Rope Upgrade
As an ongoing commitment to improving our product range, we have designed a new attachment for our Abseil Rope. The new rope is now attached at both ends.

If you have an Abseil Wall with one of the old Abseil Ropes attached only at one end, please contact Tredsafe for a free upgrade.

Abseil Wall 900mm & 1200mm
Abseil Wall 900mm & 1200mm
Abseil Wall 900mm & 1200mm
Abseil Wall 900mm & 1200mm
1200mm Yellow$355.00 +gst$408.25
1200mm Brown$355.00 +gst$408.25
900mm Yellow$335.00 +gst$385.25
900mm Brown$335.00 +gst$385.25